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Basic TV repair troubleshooting tips


These TV repair troubleshooting tips are for all makes and models. TV repair, LCD TV repair, Samsung TV repair, Plasma TV repair, Panasonic TV repair, Flat screen TV repair, Mitsubishi TV repair, LG TV repair, Vizio TV repair, Philips TV repair, Big Screen TV repair, Toshiba TV repair, RCA TV repair, Sanyo TV repair, Sony TV repair

We don't recommend non technicians to do TV repair work THIS LIST OF TV REPAIR TROUBLE SHOOTING TIPS can be found in the customers TV manual.  

TV Repair Troubleshooting Tips

V Repair Symptoms

TV Repair Possible Cause(s)

Possible TV repair Solution(s)

No Power
TV operates erratically.
TV won't turn on

AC Power Cord not connected
Local power failure?
Source turned off
Unplug the TV for 30 seconds, then try operating it again
Make sure the wall outlet is working.

TV repair solutions :
Connect power cord. Try a different power outlet.
Contact power company for information.
Turn Source equipment on.

Poor or no picture

Cable box or cable line problem
Broadcast problem
Antenna signal weak
Check all wire connections .

TV repair solutions :
Try a different channel.
Check Video menu option settings. Check cable box

Poor or no color

Sub-standard broadcast.
Sub-standard cable signal.

TV repair solutions :
Try a different channel.
Notify cable company of reception problem.

Poor sound quality

Cable box problem
Adjust the antenna..
Audio muted.
Broadcast problem.
Internal Speakers turned off.

TV repair solutions:
Press MUTE or VOL (Volume) + key to increase sound level.
Tune to a different channel.
Turn Internal Speakers on in Audio Menu.

No picture or sound

TV repair solutions:
Try another channel.
Press the SOURCE button.
Make sure the TV is plugged in.
Check the antenna/cable connections.

TV repair solutions :
Connect power cord. Try a different power outlet.
Turn Source equipment on.
Use SOURCE to choose correct picture and sound source.

No CATV reception  

Cable wire not connected.
Cable service interrupted.
Antenna setting, not Cable (CATV).

TV repair solutions :
Connect cable to Antenna/Cable.
Contact cable service.
Select Cable in Signal Source menu.

Picture wobbles or drifts.

CATV wire not connected.
Local interference.
Scrambled CATV channel.

TV repair solutions :
Make or tighten connections.
Try different channel. Turn off interfering appliance.
Tune to unscrambled channel.

TV pictures has a Red/Green or Pink tint.

TV cables not installed properly

TV repair solutions :
Reinstall R.G.B. cables properly to TV

TV picture freezing

Cable box problem.
Digital signal strength
Antenna hook-up

TV repair solutions :
Please check the TV digital signal strength.
Check TV cable box
Check TV antenna

Black bars on the screen

HD channels sometimes broadcast Standard Definition (SD)programming, which can cause black bars

TV repair solutions
Set your cable/satellite box to stretch or wide screen mode to eliminate the bars

Snowy picture

Digital signal can't be snowy
Wrong antenna connection.
Wrong tuning mode.
Loose connection.

TV repair solution:
Your cable box may need a firmware upgrade.
Check that all connections are tight.
Check antenna.

Ghosting on picture

Caused by compatibility issues with your cable box.

TV repair solution:
Try connecting Component cables instead.
Check antenna.
Adjust convergence

Remote control malfunctions

Wrong mode selected.
Weak batteries.
Not aimed at remote sensor.

TV repair solution:
Replace the remote control batteries.
Clean the upper edge of the remote control(transmission window)
Check the battery terminals.

Close Captioning not working

TV repair solution:
If you are using a Cable/Satellite box, you must set Closed Captioning on the box, not your TV.