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Product Detail
Hot Press Bonding Machine /LCD screen repairing machine
Hot Press Bonding Machine /LCD screen repairing machine
Model: H998-03
Heating Way: Pulse
Voltage: 180~220 V
Peak Power: 800 W
Weight: 310 kg
Peak Pressure: 0.3~0.4MPa
Controlling Way: Touch Screen + Button
Plane Precision: 0.005mm
LCD Platform: Manual sliding or fixed optional, and automatic loading platform can be customized
Machine Shape Size: 1050mm×1193mm× 1500mm

Principle summary

Through the ACF adhesion, the ACF conductive particles blast to make ACF adhesive materials curing under certain temperature ,pressure and time, so as to realize LCD glass or PCB with the flexible circuit board (FPC) mechanical connections and electrical conduction.


1.It can refurbish vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal, black belt, the black line, the color line, ribbons, multi-line, flower screen, black screen, white show, horizontal, vertical half and half, fault, and so on,caused by FPC/TAB/COF.

2. Suitable for 12-80inch TFT panel and TAB, FPC and LCD or PCB board combination bonding.

3. Can repair the LCD screen of the brand: Samsung, LG, Sharp, Chi Mei, Auo, Huaxing Photoelectric, Hitachi, Hanyu display.

Main technical

1. Save multiplegroups profiles according to the need,set and modify the temperature parameter on the touch screen at any time ,

2.Multifunction and humanized operation use interfacel human-machine high definition interface,PLC control.

3. Safety Protection Function:

Safety BV certification, with emergency stop-switch, when pressure, temperature, thermocouple is abnormal,alarm will prompt.

Has double bond restart protection ,avoid careless boot device.

4. Alignment System:

Has systems with COF and PCB, 9 inch high-definition camera, screen and PCB use one camera.

Joystick control the optical system,  control the movement of the COF fixture. The x, y axis and R angle with the micrometer adjustment, precision positioning, alignment accuracy is ±0.01mm.

V-groove positoning the COF and PCB board, flexible and removable universal fixture has protective effects and no damage to the COF, suitable for all kinds of LCD repair.

Has the function of vacuum adsorption, to prevent displacement of LCD and COF, improve stability.

5. Temperature System:

Independent temperature control system.

On the touch screen, temperature curve can always be adjusted. The peak temperature has small error, +/-0.5 degrees celsius. Response time is 2 seconds from room temperature to 180 degrees.

6. Position detection: Computer automatic location identification, the correct position of given OK signal automatic execution of the pressure.

7. Imported components:

Pneumatic components and PID temperature control system: Japan, the united states, hot head: PLC: SIEMENS.